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New Technology Revolutionizes The Insole Industry

New Technology Revolutionizes The Insole Industry

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Creating insoles is a fine art. The foot is complicated.

 But new technology has simplified all the complications about creating the best insole for your feet. New technology puts back the functionality in orthotics like never seen before.


The technology used in Insole for You orthotic insoles has advanced to the point where there’s no question that insoles created for your feet are customized to match exactly what your feet needs.  This innovative technology is based on a unique software system that calculates every point on the different arches of your feet and the exact physical support that is needed to support them. This is done through taking photos of your feet – something you can do with your cell phone camera.


Handmade Orthotics Using Innovative Technology


The software behind the innovative technology allows Insole for You to create an STL output of the final orthotic shell, which is then direct-milled on a CNC machine. Next the milled orthotics are trimmed and finished with an extra step of TLC in our assembly department.


Built to actually FIT your feet, our podiatry experts and biomechanics experts will make all the final measurements to insure a perfect fitting. They want you to say the Insole for You orthotic insole is the best insole you ever had – or will have. A perfect fitting means comfort for your foot that you’ve never felt before. It leaves you with a handmade orthotic.


We use high density EVA as the material for these customized orthotic insoles. EVA is a lightweight and crack-resistant foam-based type of material. Most important, it’s durable and absorbs shock perfectly. The final customized orthotics are as handmade as you can get them!


Technology So Good It’s Got A Warranty


With this new innovative technology, you also get a complete one-year warranty for the top cover of the customized orthotic insole and a lifetime warranty on the shell. You just can’t beat it.

Step into the future of the best orthotic insoles that truly support your feet with Insole for You insoles. Step into the feeling that someone cares enough about your feet to get all the measurements right for YOU. Feel the difference with Insole for You insoles.

Check out the different types to choose from and order yours today – without breaking the bank!



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