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State-of-the-Art Custom Made Insoles Utilizes Strategic Partnerships for Innovation is a division of SAGO Inter Trading Corp. Established in 1991, SAGO Intr.Tr.Corp has been extensively involved in the creation of innovation technologies & development  in the USA and abroad in different fields and on different platforms.

With our worldwide partners, we have been able to assemble and utilize an entire team of programmers, biomechanics experts, orthopedists and podiatrists who collaborate with licensed qualified orthopedic labs worldwide to quickly deliver custom made insoles to any location. The experts leverage decades of experience and provide custom made insoles via our exclusive and innovative technology.

Please see our press release, which provides more in-depth information about our latest project.

Please see our press release:

SAGO Intr.Tr.Corp’s team of programmers, biomechanics, orthopedists, and podiatrists in collaboration with pedorthic foot care lab specialists have successfully created a truly innovative technology by leveraging decades of experience and lab data.

Requiring only two images of a single foot, the innovative technology of Orthopedic Image Processor (OIP) is capable of quickly transforming and converting this data into a 3D CAD file such as .STL, ready to be used on CNC machines. The secret lies in the ability to accurately and quickly measure a patient’s foot from only two digital images – allowing for precision made custom insoles. This seamless, turnkey solution reduces expensive labor costs and allows for the manufacturing of custom orthotic insoles with accuracy that of the thickness of a piece of paper. Inserts can be made from Polypropylene, EVA or various materials on 3D printers.

3D laser scanners are an existing solution to allow the generation of 3D files of a patient’s foot but are very expensive and require office space. Structure Sensor is costly and has very low accuracy for functional orthopedic insoles. The traditional method of plaster casting is time consuming for both the practitioner and patient. It is hampered by conventional shipping methods that require time and money - the impression is then converted to the final insert at a lab. These contribute to elevated unnecessary costs associated with this manufacturing process today.

SAGO Intr.Tr.Corp has already made agreements and will continue to develop more with licensed, qualified orthopedics lab’s worldwide that will allow for quick delivery to any location. However, if physical therapists/ podiatrists have a preference on using a different lab, they can do so. SAGO Intr.Tr.Corp technology allows for immediate transfer of images to any orthopedic lab, allowing the practitioner to select orthopedic labs based on quality, service and price at their discretion.

SAGO Intr.Tr.Corp technology is designed to save practitioners up to 45% of the current price with better accuracy and patients will have quality, custom made orthotic insoles. All patient’s files will be digitized, allowing for maximum efficiency. SAGO Intr.Tr.Corp is confident that practitioners and patients will be happy with this technology and will provide 14 megapixel digital camera at no cost with the first order, no minimum order or contract required.

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