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"My feet are the happiest they're been in a long time"

- Sarah Mieller - Seattle

is introducing a revolutionary faster and easier method of creating Custom Orthotic Insoles.

Now you can just upload two pictures of each foot, and our highly-qualified professionals will make a pair of perfect-fitting Custom Orthotic insoles for you.
No need to line up at the doctor’s office anymore!

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Functional insoles are a firmer variety. Their primary purpose is to correct the position of the foot during motion. It is the perfect choice for active people who run or walk a lot, as well as for those with foot positioning problems like over-pronation or supination.

Running/ Walking

Athletes, hikers, and avid walkers are at the increased risk of foot injury even when they don’t have any foot positioning problems. Our functional insoles will minimize the possibility of damage from high impact activities, as they absorb shock and provide metatarsal support to relieve the pressure on the ball of the foot. They will make your exercise not only safe, but also more comfortable.

Over pronation

Overpronating causes continuous strain on the big toe. This eventually leads to knee pain and shin splints. Functional insoles will prevent or ease the injuries by stabilizing your feet in the correct position.


When we supinate, we put extra pressure on the outside edge of our feet. This results in the increased risk of ankle injury and Plantar Fasciitis. Functional insoles will keep your feet in the proper position, so that the pressure will spread evenly across your foot.