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How to Find the Best Orthotic Insoles for Your Feet

How to Find the Best Orthotic Insoles for Your Feet

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When your feet are hurting from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, high arch, low arch, or simply because you’re standing all day long, you know you need relief.

For decades orthotic insoles have been used by podiatrists, chiropractors, the military and smart consumers who know the importance of having a good solid foundation for your body: your feet.

Health professionals have found time and time again that for anyone with less than perfect feet, adding orthotic insoles to shoes is the easiest way to make a difference in foot fatigue, foot pain, energy levels and feeling as if you had a spring in your step once again.

What Makes an Orthotic Insole the Best  Orthotic Insoles?

The question is which are the best orthotic insoles? Some of the characteristics of the best orthotic insoles are:

              • provides support for the arches in your feet

              • corrects the alignment of your feet if you overpronate (roll your foot to the inside while walking)

              • feels good to your feet

              • are not difficult to wear

              • are sized correctly to your feet

              • are made of materials compatible to your body

              • fit into the current shoes you have

The way that the best orthotic insoles were made has evolved over time. At first, they were made individually to fit the person’s foot. Then methods were developed where orthotic insoles could be made on a mass scale via manufacturing.

That was good, but the problem is that you aren’t the masses. You are an individual – looking for the best orthotic insoles for your feet – and could care less about what fits the rest of the population.

Best Insoles For Your Feet is the Bottom Line

At InsoleForYou, we went back to the original way that the best orthotic insoles were made:  to fit the individual feet of our customers. We want to work with you and your feet and not just imagine that you fit the mold for insoles that fit the masses. Make sense?

We create the best orthotic insoles for your feet – whether you have plantar fasciitis or diabetes or flat feet or bunions or neuromas – by utilizing a revolutionary method of creating custom-made orthotic insoles. You won’t step into a box of an impressionable foam or other material to get an imprint, which can result in errors in computing all the mathematical computations about how your feet’s best orthotic insoles should be made.

Instead, you’ll take photos of your feet and send them to us. It’s sort of like face recognition – but for the feet! Face recognition takes a photo of the face in different ways, sends the data to a computer, and then makes a very reliable guess at matching a face to the database when needed.

In our case, photos of your feet are sent to the computer to analyze every detail of your foot – where the arch is, where the support of the foot is needed, whether or not the arches are low, medium, or high – all these and more are considerations when we make your customized and best orthotic insoles to actually fit your feet.

Are You Ready for Happy Feet?

What we want for you is support for your feet no matter what type of foot you have (bunions, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, etc.). We want your feet to last all day long – and you to have the energy you need to get through the day. If your feet are tired because of stresses on them from lack of support, you end up tired. But if we address those stresses with our revolutionary method, that foot fatigue can be eliminated.

In a nutshell, what we want for your feet is that they enter a new state of being:  HAPPY FEET. We want this because when your feet are happy, you are happy. Period.

Check out our website. Return your feet to their roots with customized orthotic insoles made to specifically FIT YOUR FEET like a glove.

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