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Full Length Custom Made Diabetic Insoles

Diabetic insoles are a softer variety of insoles. They are specifically designed to provide extra cushion and provide protection to diabetic patients, who are prone to developing ulcers on their feet due to poor blood circulation. The soft padding will also be a perfect fit for anyone suffering from painful callouses and sores on the bottom of the foot. 

Full Length custom made diabetic insoles are made from a lightweight, crack-resistant low density EVA covered with a poron or plastizote covering. They are the softer variety of orthotic insoles.

Recommend  For:

  • diabetics
  • stability

In case you are diagnosed with diabetes, you cannot order functional orthotics. You need to order just diabetes insoles. 

Note: In case you have a doctor prescription for orthotic insoles, please upload it to our site with your order.  We will follow the prescription.

How to make pictures:

To make a pair of custom insoles for you, we will need:

1) A picture of the arch of your foot as shown on Picture Set A

2) A picture of your heel from the back as shown on Picture Set B

-  Take a white sheet of paper of a standard format (Letter US or Legal US for the United States; and A4 or A3 for Europe).

- Put the sheet of paper on the hard even surface of the floor.

- Place your foot on the sheet, parallel with its edges. Please make sure that the edge is visible in the photograph as shown in Picture Set A.

- When you take a picture, make sure that both right and left corners of the sheet of paper are visible in each of the two photographs. Please take a look at Picture Sets A&B.

- For the picture of the arch, the inner side of your foot must be as close as possible to the edge of the sheet. The whole foot from heel to toe must be visible in the photograph, as shown in Picture Set A.

- For the picture of the center of the heel from the back, position your heel close to the edge of the paper in the center between the two corners of the paper as shown on Picture Set B.

- Repeat the same process for the second foot.

We will receive the order & images instantly, ours experts in the field of podiatry & biomechanics will digitally make all the necessary measurements to create a perfect-fitting set of orthotic insoles for unmatched comfort.

Left Foot                                         Right Foot

Full Length Custom Made Diabetic Insoles

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