Full Length Custom Made Diabetic Insoles

Diabetic insoles are a softer variety of insoles. They are specifically designed to provide extra cushion and provide protection to diabetic patients, who are prone to developing ulcers on their feet due to poor blood circulation. The soft padding will also be a perfect fit for anyone suffering from painful callouses and sores on the bottom of the foot. 

Full Length custom made diabetic insoles are made from a lightweight, crack-resistant low density EVA covered with a poron or plastizote covering. They are the softer variety of orthotic insoles.

Recommend  For:

  • diabetics
  • stability

In case you are diagnosed with diabetes, you cannot order functional orthotics. You need to order just diabetes insoles. 

Note: In case you have a doctor prescription for orthotic insoles, please upload it to our site with your order.  We will follow the prescription.

Full Length Custom Made Diabetic Insoles

  • $79.99

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