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I have extremely flat feet, and these insoles help my feet feel much more supported and comfortable while I'm wearing them. The 3/4 length makes it easy for me to switch them into other shoes (I'll soon be getting a second pair of these!). I also like slipping these into my socks for support while I'm in the house - they feel splendid on my feet! I highly recommend these great insoles. They do the job, and at an affordable price too.
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I never could have guessed an insole could make this much of a difference for my feet. These are hands down THE BEST insoles I have ever had the pleasure of using in my work shoes. It's literally like walking on clouds. I walk and run a lot, every day I'm on my feet, so I know what
kind of a difference these insoles have made. No more sore ankles, no more aches in the arches of your feet, nothing! They conform to the precise shape of your feet, by the second day it's as if the shoes were custom-made for me, they're that good!
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I have flat feet so shoes are always tough on my body without the correct insoles. And getting quality insoles aren’t cheap. Luckily I found Insole For You online and decided to give them a try. Let me just say that they make a huge difference and also provide phenomenal support without being painful. I always get shin-splints and leg cramps when I run, but with these, I’m actually able to run without injury. I enjoyed them so much that I ordered a second pair to use so I don’t have to keep swapping out the ones I have in my shoes. I will more than likely get another pair soon.