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How To Place Order

Here’s a quick overview of the process of what happens when you make the decision to obtain our custom orthotic insoles:
  1. Proceed to the instructions – and animated video  on the website  for taking two pics of each foot. Below we have full instruction, animation, YouTube link,  samples photo  how to make the process very easy.

  2. Then fill out the order page with your information.
  3. Upload  pictures of your feet. (Pictures may be taken with any digital camera or your cell phone!)
  4. Make a payment.
  5. When your custom insoles arrive, please  insert them into your shoes! (You will receive  full instruction with your order or you can check here:  )
  6. Let your feet accommodate to their new lifestyle and order more for your other shoes!

1) A picture of the arch of your foot as shown on Picture A

2) A picture of your heel from the back as shown on Picture B

  • Take a white sheet of paper of a standard format (Letter US or Legal US for the United States; and A4 or A3 for Europe).
  • Put the sheet of paper on the hard even surface of the floor.
  • Place your foot on the sheet, parallel with its edges. Please make sure that the edge is visible in the photograph as shown in Picture A.
  • When you take a picture, make sure that both right and left corners of the sheet of paper are visible in each of the two photographs. Please take a look at Pictures A&B.
  • For the picture of the arch, the inner side of your foot must be as close as possible to the edge of the sheet. The whole foot from heel to toe must be visible in the photograph, as shown in Picture A.
  • For the picture of the center of the heel from the back, position your heel close to the edge of the paper in the center between the two corners of the paper as shown in Picture B.
  • Repeat the same process for the second foot.

Once you are finished with this, proceed to the order form.

When we receive your order & images we will immediately begin processing it and analyzing the photos using our World’s best Innovative Technology for custom orthotics!

Curious about the Manufacturing Process We Use?

The software behind our Innovative Technology allows us to create an STL output of the final orthotics shell. Then we direct-mill it on a CNC machine just with two ordinary images of each foot created according our instructions (please see pictures ABCD).  Next, the milled orthotics are trimmed and finished at our assembly department in the traditional manner used for all handmade custom orthotics.

Our insoles are made of high density EVA – a lightweight and crack-resistant foam-based material. EVA is durable, and it is a perfect shock-absorber.

The efficiency of our innovative technology enables us to provide this professional service at a lower price.

For our polypropylene semi-custom orthotics, we use a prefabricated polypropylene shell. Then, based on the STL file, our experts in the field of podiatry & biomechanics will digitally make all the necessary measurements to create a perfect-fitting set of orthotic insoles for unmatched comfort.

We are confident in the quality and durability of our product. All our EVA Functional Full-Length Insoles come with a one-year warranty.

EVA Diabetic Full Length Insoles come with a 6-month warranty.

¾ Length semi-custom Orthotic Insoles come with one-year warranty on the top cover, and a lifetime warranty on the shell.


What Types of Insoles We Offer


An Explanation of Functional Orthotic Insoles

Functional orthotic insoles are a firmer variety. Their primary purpose is to correct the position of the foot during motion.

Functional orthotic insoles are the perfect choice for active people who run or walk a lot, as well as for those with foot problems like overpronation or supination.

Running/ Walking

Runners and walkers are more prone to foot injuries than others that do not regularly exercise. The reason why is because most runners and walkers do not have perfectly aligned feet. Their feet may overpronate or oversupinate during walking. When a foot overpronates or oversupinates, parts of the foot become stressed that should not normally be stressed. It’s difficult for these tissues to absorb all the new stresses and muscles tire, predisposing the runner or walker to injury. When custom made functional orthotic insoles are worn, they remove the stress the feet feel.

Athletes, hikers, and avid walkers are at an increased risk of foot injury even when they don’t have any foot positioning problems. Our functional orthotic insoles will minimize the possibility of damage from high impact activities. They absorb shock and provide support to relieve the pressure on every part of the foot. They will make your exercise not only safe, but also more comfortable.


Overpronation means turning the inside of the foot more towards the ground. The arch of the foot collapses. Many people overpronate their foot while walking without even realizing it.

Overpronating causes continuous strain on the big toe. This could eventually lead to knee pain or shin splints. Functional orthotic insoles will prevent or ease the injuries by stabilizing your feet in the correct position.


Supination of the foot means that you are walking on the little toe side of your foot instead of the middle of the foot. The word “supinate” has the word “up” in it. When you supinate your foot, the inside of the foot where the arch is located, turns upward.

When you supinate, there is extra pressure on the outside edge of our feet. This results in the increased risk of ankle injury and Plantar Fasciitis. Functional orthotic insoles will keep your feet in the proper position, so pressure will spread evenly across your foot.


Diabetic insoles are a softer variety. They are specifically designed to provide extra cushion and protection to diabetic patients, who are prone to developing ulcers on their feet due to poor blood circulation. The soft padding will also be a perfect fit for anyone suffering from painful callouses and sores on the bottom of the foot. These are full-length custom made orthotic insoles.


¾ Length Orthotics are thinner and smaller. They are specifically designed to fit your dress shoes, dress boots, and formal shoes. Their shell is made of a highly durable semi-rigid polypropylene and the high quality top cover comes in black or grey color.